"I learned that I need others help in recovery while at BR Detox"
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The Baton Rouge Area Alcohol and Drug Center, Inc. (BRAADC), offers a lifeline to adult men and women suffering with substance abuse/addiction through providing non-medical detoxification services to anyone entering voluntarily.

BRAADC is a 24 hour in-patient detoxification center with a capacity of 24 beds for those individuals who are 18 years or older and who have used drugs and/or alcohol within the last 7 days. We are a non-profit organization [IRS status 501c(3)] with a 17 member volunteer Board of Directors. Conceived as a charitable non-profit agency in 1972, we are currently funded by the City-Parish of East Baton Rouge, Capital Area Human Services District, Capital Area United Way, and private donors. We aim to serve the entire state of Louisiana with a focus on the Greater Baton Rouge Area.


1972 - BRAADC founded as a corporation
1973 - First employee hired
1974 - First major funding grant received
1975 - Facility opened with medical detoxification services for 16 beds
1979 - Facility expanded to 19 beds
1985 - Facility transitioned to non-medical detoxification services
1992 - Facility expanded to 24 beds
1992 - Facility renovated
2008 - Purchased land for new facility

*In our 30+ years of servicing this community we have admitted over 50,000 people and have provided over 210,000 beds for detoxification services.


Blake McGehee, Chair
James Poche, Vice-Chair
Charlotte Landry, Treasurer
Joseph Juban, Secretary
Ian R. Frederick, Past Chair

Laura Baker
Ricky Bearden
Michelle Birke
Howard Carter
Kellye Couvillion
Kelli Eubanks
Alicia Hoover
Lynn Kollars
Ben Lightfoot
Molly Quinn
Paul Rosenthal
Michael Smith
Ron Taravella, M. D.
G. Allen Walsh